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by keio-itp

the last day in Chicago

Hi, I'm Ryo Hanai, and this is my last day in the University of Chicago.

As I had written here in the past, I have succeeded in solving the gap equation for a non-equilibrium, pumped and decayed system, where I could discuss where the system turns into superfluids. To know more about what is going on in this system, it is an important task to investigate what would happen when the system is hit by a little hammer; how the system would excite.

It would be an enormous numeric work, so the construction of the algorithm to calculate this fast enough would be an important issue. This week, I was working on speeding up my program to prepare for the calculation I would do, and it looks like it's working pretty well.


This internship became a really, really fruitful experience for me. I was just astonished at Professor Peter Littlewood, who were my supervisor here in Chicago, of how wide his knowledge was, and at the same time, how deep his understudying was. I cannot tell how many time he mentioned "hey, this might relate to that physics" which were always sharp and elegant. Since there are not so many people in the world that have deep knowledge of both many-body physics and non-equilibrium physics, he was a perfect man to work with.

Playing around with the grad-students here were a great fun for me. Although I could only understand 1 out of 10 conversations, I could still tell that physics people are physics people, no matter which country you live in. I'd like to especially thank Alex, who is also a grad-student that works for Peter, for helping me, having fruitful discussions with me, and also, chatting useless and meaningless things with me. It was really fun working with him.

I had a great time at I-House, my accommodation too, where they gave lots of events to interact with each other. It was a good time just sitting around at a dining room and chatting with my friends. I also should thank the Japanese friends I got to know here in Chicago, for everything they did to help me. I hope I can see them back in Japan.

At last, I would like to thank all the people that were in charge of this ITP internship program, and everyone who supported me during the visit.

The picture below is a shot at a dinner party.
the last day in Chicago_e0194142_15241833.jpg

And my last picture for this blog is a million-dollar view of Chicago taken from John Hancock Center.
the last day in Chicago_e0194142_152835.jpg

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最近は英語で会話しているけれども、yesというところを発音が簡単なこともありsi, siと言うようになってきてしまいました。
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About my computer

Hi, I'm Ryo Hanai in Chicago University. You might wonder why I am now writing this blog in English, but you'll see soon...

I had a chance to talk to Professor D. S. Jin in JILA, one of the greatest experimentalists in cold atom physics, when she came to the University of Chicago as a invited speaker last week. I did not know, and was surprised that she had changed her field right after she got her Ph.D, from hard condensed matter physics to atomic physics (experimental techniques are a lot different between these two fields). What surprised me the most is that, she kind of "randomly"(that's what she said) chose her current field, and is now one of the greatest experimentalists in the field.


Three weeks ago, I got my bag stolen at Museum of Science and Industry with my iPad in it. And this week, I got my computer stolen.

I was resting at Cafe, eating a fruit cup and coffee, with my bags and my computer (in a black bag) just aside of me. When I stood up to leave, I noticed there were no computer bags. I looked at the other side, with no computers. I looked just right underneath the table, and found no computers. I looked in my pockets, and finally noticed that my computer was stolen.
The fruit cup in this picture below is the exact same kind of cup I was eating when I got my computer stolen (I found this cup at my accommodation, I-House, and decided to eat it again).
About my computer_e0194142_4294846.jpg

This cup just let me remember of that feeling I got when I noticed my computer was gone...

With no iPads nor computers I brought from Japan, devices I can use to write this blog is now quite limited. I'm writing this blog at the computer lab at I-House, and will probably be writing the rest of my blogs in English. Well, unless they would all come back.
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Group diner

Group diner_e0194142_20325942.jpg
We had a lovely diner, in Westminster
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